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For optional Tray 3, make sure that no more than sheets of media up to 70 mm or 2.

Tray 3 can hold a maximum of 50 transparencies. The document margins must match or exceed a margin setting of 4 mm 0. Or, the size of the document you are printing is larger than the media size in the main tray.

Check if the layout of the document you are trying to print will fit on a media size supported by the printer, and then load the correct media size. Make sure to select the correct page orientation. Also, hp business inkjet 3000 pcl6 sure that the correct page orientation is selected. Otherwise, check your software application manual, or hp business inkjet 3000 pcl6 the software manufacturer for more specific help for this problem. For example, in a graphics application, place the words in the desired size; do not enlarge by dragging and sizing.

Make sure the font is available in your software application font selection box, and make sure it is a TrueType font. TrueType is a technology that can create fonts of any sizes from a basic font outline.

Printer: HP Business Inkjet OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

TrueType fonts are scalable. They can be scaled at any time for use on the computer screen or the printer.


This is the standard font-scaling technology in Windows. Contact the manufacturer of your software for help. On the Starter CD, see the readme file for a list of known conflicts with popular software applications. By using TrueType fonts, you can ensure that the printer is able to print smooth fonts. When selecting a font, look for the TrueType icon. Because it uses ink to produce an image, media that accepts ink well produces the best results. Media that is heavily textured or does not accept ink well can cause graphics and text to print poorly. It is best to test a variety of media types hp business inkjet 3000 pcl6 buying large quantities.

Find a media type that works well and is easy to purchase. HP Inkjet media are designed for the best quality results. To determine if the media type is the cause of the hp business inkjet 3000 pcl6, try printing the same document on a type of media that has previously worked well with your printer.

On the starter CD, see the readme file for a list of known conflicts with popular software applications. Windows : In the printer driver, check that the color option is not set to print in black and white or grayscale. From the software application, on the File menu, click Print, and then click Setup or Properties. Make sure hp business inkjet 3000 pcl6 Grayscale option is not selected. Macintosh OS 8.

Hp Business Inkjet 3000 Drivers

Make sure the Print Color as Gray option is not selected. Make sure the cable connection at both ends is good and that the cable is securely fastened. Press and hold power button to turn off the printer for a few seconds. Turn them both back on, and then try printing again. If you can print other documents from the same software application, try to print using a backup copy of your document, if available. Both the media length and width guides must be gently pressed against the stack. Ordering Information : Shows the website address for ordering supplies, and where to locate phone numbers for ordering supplies from HP. Supplies Status Information : Shows the estimated remaining life represented in graphical form as a gauge for the hp business inkjet 3000 pcl6.

This item shows ink cartridge serial numbers, the expiration date, maintenance information, and whether ink levels are low. It also shows printhead serial numbers and printhead health information. Check the printheads for tape: Make sure you have removed the printhead protective tapes that cover the ink nozzles.

Hp business inkjet 3000 driver download

Check the printer setup: Make sure your printer is selected as the hp business inkjet 3000 pcl6 or default printer. Check the parallel port on your computer Windows only : If you are using a parallel interface connection, make sure the printer is connected directly to the parallel port. Printer feeds multiple sheets: Make sure that only one type of media is loaded in each tray. Media is not loaded correctly: Make sure the media width and length guides fit snugly against the edges of the stack.


Trays or other components are hp business inkjet 3000 pcl6 inserted properly: Check that all trays and covers are completely closed.HP Business Inkjet Look for help in our forum for printers from HP and Apollo. PostScript/PCL6 printer based on the Color LaserJet drivers, and manuals for your HP Business Inkjet Printer series. or PCL6, Error and Warning Messages ยท Print Quality Issues and Workarounds.

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