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I doubt this.

The standard ATX form factor has been upgraded to reduce size over various years with the vast majority of accepted iterations maintaining the same mounting hole and IO panel locations. I literally have a mini-ITX board sitting in a case I purchased in This probably fits more into the fear you lenovo x210 in your comment with a reasonably new technology "forced" to consume more space than is necessary, but I think it argues for the opposite by showing that incremental changes to a standard format can allow lenovo x210 wide ranging compatibilities.

RAM & SSD Upgrades Lenovo ThinkPad X (All Types)

For an example, when ATX was altered by squaring the board to the shortest length microATXit didn't require a new case or a new power supply to be placed on the market in order to be consumed because it fit within the lenovo x210 big" Lenovo x210 case. Then when cases that only fit microATXe became abundant and another incremental change to the motherboard size to DTX, we again didn't have to release new cases or power supplies or IO cards to start to consume this version. It allowed consumers to purchase and use the boards until they decided they wanted to reduce their case size, amortizing the upgrade costs over months instead of requiring larger up front payments.

How are the laptop companies meant to force you to lenovo x210 a new one every so often if you can just keep upgrading them? And that's great, if you're into generic beige boxes. It's been years since I put together my own IBM compatible computers. But in the time since then, I haven't really seen any innovation in desktops.

Lenovo ThinkPad X Specs - CNET

Yes, for a while the processor numbers ticked up, but then plateaued. Graphics cards push the limits, but that has zero to do with the ATX standard, and more to do with using Lenovo x210 for non-graphics computation. The laptop and mobile sectors seem to be what is driving SSD adoption, high DPI displays, power-conscious design, advanced cooling, smaller components, improved imaging input, reliable fingerprint reading, face recognition for security, smaller interchangeable ports, the move from spinning media to solid state or streaming, and probably other things that I can't remember off the top of my head.


Even if you think Apple's lenovo x210 was a disaster, it's the kind of lenovo x210 that wouldn't be taken in the Wintel desktop industry. All we've gotten from the desktop side in the last 20 years is more elaborate giant plastic enclosures, LED lights inside the computer, and? I'm not sure.

X210 mod turns classic Lenovo ThinkPad X201 into a modern PC

Even liquid cooling was in laptops in the early part of this century. Again, I haven't built a desktop in a lenovo x210 time, so if I'm off base I'd like to hear a list of lenovo x210 innovations enabled by the ATX standard.

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But my observation is that ATX is a pickup truck, and laptops are a Tesla. Nearly all of the tech you have in your laptop was developed, tested, and refined on lenovo x210.

Vapor cooled processors were on budget gaming PCs 10 years ago. Even the MacBook trackpad was based on lenovo x210 desktop keyboard produced by a company called fingerworks.


High DPI monitors came first to desktop. High refresh rate came first to desktop. Fingerprint reader? Had one on my secure computer lenovo x210 years ago.

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Face unlock a couple years after that. Desktop is still the primary place for innovation.

Don't get me wrong, there's probably more work in getting the tech into Mobile than developing it in the first place But the genesis of the ideas happen on desktop.Lenovo's ThinkPad line of laptops have had a cult following since before Lenovo even lenovo x210 the ThinkPad name (which it gained when. A couple years ago, I used an old Thinkpad while my MacBook was being repaired. I enjoyed the experience lenovo x210 much that I ended up getting a.

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