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I just wish I had better reception in my home to eliminate long distant calls. Display: 3. Reception: 3. Lgvx 4400 Tethering. External Antenna Jack.


Flight Mode. Intelligent typing T9TTY compatible. Details Antenna. You'll find a name phone book, a calendar, a calculator, voice-activated dialing, lgvx 4400 text messaging, voice notes and tags, caller ID, call logs, e compatibility, 26 ring tones, and a vibrating alert. The VX is 1xRTT compatible, so you can browse the wireless Web at relatively high data rates in theory, about 56Kbps using Openwave's browser, which we like because it offers caching technology.


lgvx 4400 Note that whether you pay for mobile web or not, you always consume airtime minutes in accordance with your plan while using the browser and it is online. You should extend your antenna for making or receiving calls. You can also plug in an external antenna.

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The plug is covered with rubber and is between the top of the battery and the builtin antenna on the back of lgvx 4400 phone. The phone has a builtin GPS chip. There is more technical information at cdmatech.

The phone itself reports GPS signal information to the cell towers which combine that with their own information. Consequently lgvx 4400 cell network knows with a high degree of accuracy where the phone is, but the phone itself does not.

LG VX Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

By law the cell network has to supply the location information when making calls. You can set the phone to only supply information for calls, or for all calls. There are no known lgvx 4400 yet lgvx 4400 that will use the information.

Look for any visible faults. Talk time - As rated by manufacturer.

LG VX Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

Find your item That you'd lgvx 4400 to sell to us for cash. The Get It Now menu allows you to download applications for your phone.

In almost all cases there will be a charge for the long term use of the application lgvx 4400 the Developer section as to why. A few have some sort of evaluation mode, allowing you a limited amount of lgvx 4400 usage time or free content downloads.


You also consume your airtime according to your plan while downloading the applications or content via them. Get It Now is only available while in digital lgvx 4400.

LG VX4400 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The lgvx 4400 supports additional ringtones, pictures for callerid, wallpapers etc. You can currently add ringtones and pictures through Get It Nowfor a fee. BitPim has an easy drag and drop interface for manipulating the pictures and ringtones. Gagin also lets you do it with an assortment of patches and other utility programs if you want to touch the bare metal yourself.Verizon's roster of color-screen phones is gradually expanding, and with the arrival of LG's VX, customers now have another alternative to.

alarm clock indicator, battery meter, digital clock, divert indicator, missed calls indicator, roaming, signal strength, text message waiting, voice message lgvx 4400.

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