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Top Bottom. Even in SLI mode where it functions as the slave card it doesn't work.

Canopus SPECTRA 2500 Riva TNT

Software Type. It has built-in support closed captioned video monitoring and super fine x pixel still captures.

The VideoPort mounts in a standard 5. The Installation, Driver features and Canopus spectra 2500 Installation was quite simple as expected. They are the last two in the below picture. Double-click the Quick-Control icon to get the Quick-Control window, shown on the left. Quick-Control was introduced with the thought of helping gamers to get the best screen output on the fly while playing the game. You can immediately see the effect, which is very useful without going into the game menus or exiting the canopus spectra 2500 to rectify the settings.

Now you got the idea what it does, click the Edit button. Here you can see the Gamma control keys and you can change the short-cut as you wish.

Canopus' TNT Spectra - GameSpot

Click on the advanced list to see more pre-defined settings for use. Everyone was sold out and Canopous couldn't make anymore because the time involved to do it would take to long and the newer cards TNT-2 were right around canopus spectra 2500 corner.


What you see isn't always what you get According to the first press releases directly from nVidia, the Riva TNT chipset was supposed to be manufactured using a 0. Thankfully, unlike the fan on canopus spectra 2500 Pure3D-2, the Spectra 's fan is mounted atop a heatsink for better heat dissipation and cooling.

Of canopus spectra 2500 just turning up the monitor controls a little bit made it all-right. The 3D quality was of course nothing short of stunning!

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This technology comes in very handy when you have Voodoo-1 or Voodoo-2 based cards. Canopus spectra 2500 see, the normal setup you'll have once you get a Voodoo card is that you'll loop a pass-through cable which connects your 2D card's VGA output to the input of the Voodoo card. Re: Intro and questions regarding Canopus Spectra Reply 1 - Lost your password? It's canopus spectra 2500 that Canopus was the fastest for 3D for all the cards it produced. Though it was the tops in 3D performance for any given chipset-based video card it made, the lead was only a small one.

In this Spectra, I can see that the drivers it used were based on nVidia reference 1.

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  • Its nVidia Riva TNT 128-bit powered, Spectra 2500 board announced.
  • Canopus Pure 3D II (Voodoo 2), Canopus Spectra 2500 (TnT), and Voodoo 5

But surprisingly this time, its drivers are slower by 1 or 2 FPS when compared with nVidia's Reference 1. Even its newer drivers from the net showed no improvement, maybe it was to correct some minor faults. Many of you think the fan is extremely good, yes for its size it's extremely good but the amount of hot air thrown out isn't much better than the fans on Diamond and Creative cards. But I must say the heatsink is better. The Spectra was as hot as the Creative was when canopus spectra 2500 overclocked! Beats me! Very good, but the damn thing is unstable even if Canopus spectra 2500 push it a little higher. Installation The Spectra installation was quite effortless and well documented. The card itself comes with every cable you should ever need.

That heatsink and fan is so effective that the TNT chip is only very warm to touch when it's running and the board itself is only warm. The fan draws it's supply from the card itself.

Exploring the Spectra - Canopus SPECTRA Riva TNT

Other notable features on the board are 4 feature connectors, the Flash-Bios and the Chrontel video decoder. The TNT chipset is large due to it's 0.


I'm gonna miss my Canopus setup. I seem to remember Canopus being too canopus spectra 2500 with the Spectra in North America. Click here for more Screenshots. In Rainbow 6 the mouse left trials along the screen whenever you moved the mouse to the left. The fact that the TNT fell short of it's initial hype is not the fault of Canopus canopus spectra 2500 that will be all said about the subject. Fan Cooled: Keeping up with the tradition of the Pure 3D II, the Spectra comes with a metal heatsink and fan to keep the chipset cool.


By connecting your VGA cable directly into your Spectra you eliminate any degradation of 2D image quality as a result of sending the signal through the Voodoo2 card s.None other than Canopus Corp. with their rightfully canopus spectra 2500, SPECTRA 2D/3D graphics accelerator based on the nVidia Riva TNT Chipset. Unpacking the Spectra 's familiar, Canopus-style, packaging revealed a fairly standard bundle including the 16MB AGP card canopus spectra 2500.

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