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You're making half of a clockwise loop--from the position over your head down to the ball--which keeps the club on the correct inside path.


Related: Butch Harmon: How to fix a slice. The last step of the process is the transition from practice drill to real golf swing. Lift the club into a two-thirds backswing position, with your left arm in front of your chest A.

Then make your full backswing turn Band graduate from swinging over the ball to actually hitting shots C. Share This Story! Golf tip: How to fix that slice with your driver, irons There are many different ways to correcting a slice with a slice with a driver or irons.


Post to Facebook. Avoid placing the ball too far forward, as well. This can also correcting a slice with a cause of a slice, as it causes you to reach for the ball, opening the angle of the clubface upon impact. Point the logo on your ball up and outwards for help guiding your swing. A common cause of a slice is swinging your club in an outside-in trajectory. If the cause of your slice is the outside-in path of your swing, angling the logo on the golf ball so that it points outwards can serve as a helpful visual reminder to swing your club in an inside-out direction. To Stop A Slice Off The Tee correcting a slice with everything in your swing has to be moving together to produce a straight club face at impact.

Golf tip: How to fix that slice with your driver, irons

This will force you to roll your hands and not lift your left elbow up and out of the correcting a slice with position. I love this drill for eliminating the slice. It's also super simple.

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Just grab your driver as you normally would with your left hand, and with your right hand, grip all the way down past the grip and directly correcting a slice with the golf shaft. Now, go ahead and make a few three-quarter swings. As you do this, because of the separation you have between your hands, you'll really feel the clubhead turning over as you move your way through the downswing.


This drill will effectively do its job of activating your hands so they release more effectively and help prevent hitting the ball with an open face. Also, as a bonus, this is a great drill for just about every club in the bag.

To eliminate the slice you need the proper grip and setup, an inside-to-out downswing path and a square clubface. After making these corrections you can enjoy a slice-free golf game.

How to Correct a Drive Slice

Grip the club with the left hand first again, for a right-handed golfer. Send a message Connect.

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Fix Your Slice with 3 Effective Drills There is nothing more likely to spoil your enjoyment of the golf game than a persistant slice. Using a 7 iron, tee the ball up on a small tee peg. For a right handed golfer, a golf push slice correcting a slice with a ball that starts to the right of your intended target, and then proceeds to slice even farther to the right. It is something of a double-edged sword because it already starts off-line correcting a slice with the slice only takes it further away from where you wanted the ball to go.

A push or a slice on their own are frustrating enough — dealing with them both in the same shot is something that no golfer will enjoy. As you might suspect, since there are two parts to this bad ball flight — the push and the slice — there are often two underlying problems in the golf swing that create it. You will need to worry about both how to fix a push in golf, and correcting a slice with to fix a slice.

4 Easy Ways to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball - The Left Rough

When you combine those two elements and are able to correct your mistakes in the swing, then you will understand how to fix a push slice. Trust me, you don't want that! As I mentioned, aiming left only makes the slice miss correcting a slice with more to the right. Instead of aiming farther to the left, try to tee off the right side of the box.Learn how to fix a slice correcting a slice with start hitting longer, straighter, and more consistent golf shots.

Follow these 7 simple steps and start hitting fairways. There's a good reason why people who slice the ball want to fix it: Because on the road you take to playing good golf, nowhere is there a slice.

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