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Fig 3. Looking at a couple of other examples, your measurements of the Lamm M1.

C3g pentode/triode

The Audionet Max trends to a perfect 2x slope at higher powers at least into 8 ohms so 3HD must dominate. The Pass Labs XA And then there are many amplifiers with weird and inexplicable shapes to the THD c3g pentode.

I think "concern" is appropriate for the absolute level of the distortion from the Ypsilon but I find c3g pentode linear slope itself comforting in that the amplifier behaves with a simple second order transfer function. Perhaps such a characteristic is akin to natural sounds and our brains expect the levels of harmonics to follow the 1x, 2x etc slopes as volume changes. If the transfer function is simple, please write it down and show how you derived it. For many of us, it is easier to follow c3g pentode than prose. Thanks in advance.

THta's a great point. C3g driving 2a3: Triode or pentode" there is something there, that you can look through, but you can not see what that is.

As if there is a gold colored, transparent layer, that you can see through. Things looks a bit "unsharp" when you look though.

Like the low resolution picture below. It c3g pentode just like this when you look at a frame grid wit the bare eye. Then, if you click the picture it gets enlarged, and you can see the wires.

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This technology is more expensive, and was used for very few tube types, perhaps only. Given the 10's of thousands other tube types ever made, this is not much. Maturin Joined: 19 Jul Posts: But, in any case, a phono preamp circuit that rolls off at 20 KHz is not going to sound good, period. Is there an optimal screen voltage or voltage range? What about noise c3g pentode regulated c3g pentode. Since these are sharp noise of rising, they occur over the band of 50 Hz to several hundred MHz, entering the audio band and making the sound muddy, causing intermodulation. Of course, the switching power supply also generates noise greatly, causing the same phenomenon.


Catalog download. When I started to tackle this I basically had no c3g pentode about electronics no training in EE and had to learn a lot of things.

Not all that different than a 2A3, maybe a little more distortion at least at 1W out. I'm really not sure why they sound so good I did notice that the distortion level increses very slowly and linearly with output power, more so than most tubes. I will use that tip of inputting a. I once did the following: I'd play a passage of vinyl, and take a photograph of the oscilloscope screen displaying the input to a stage at a certain point in the classical music. Then I'd reposition c3g pentode probe to the output of that stage and replay the music and take a photograph of the oscilloscope screen again.

:: View topic - C3G pentode for phono use ?

It often took several tries to get the c3g pentode more or less shot - but once I could display both oscilloscope photo's one above the other on my computer screen, it was astonishing - and revelatory - to see the real-world differences Phono End preamplifier Feb 7 stCheers, Ale. Vote Up0Vote Down Reply.

c3g pentode years ago. Dimitri Wolfwood. Guest. Dimitri Wolfwood. The C3g is an amazing tube. I use them to make microphones. C3g pentode of C3G looks excellent both as triode and as pentode (judging from loadlines: pentode at 19mA / V / -1,5V / 10K plate resistor).

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