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DL9500/DL9700 Series. Digital Oscilloscope. IM E 3rd Edition

You can press the knob ds1000b ivi switch the setting resolution. If you press the knob and Fine illuminates, the setting resolution is set to fine.

If you change the setting when waveform acquisition is stopped, the new setting takes effect when you ds1000b ivi waveform acquisition. If you change the setting while waveform acquisition is stopped, the setting takes effect when you restart waveform acquisition. The key that you press illuminates to indicate that ds1000b ivi is selected. The key illuminates while waveform acquisition is in progress.

The up and down arrow keys ds1000b ivi used to enter a value. SET Key Applies the menu item that you selected using the rotary shuttle.


Rotary Knob Used to ds1000b ivi the settings and move the cursors. Displays a menu used to perform cursor measurements. The key illuminates ds1000b ivi the display is ON. Turn this dial during zoom display to specify the magnification of the target vertical or horizontal axis.

The ds1000b ivi marked in purple characters above each key is activated. Pressing the key again clears the shifted condition. Clears the displayed history waveform.

DS1000B IVI DRIVER (2019)

Displays a menu related to the zoom waveform arrangement. The PAN-A Series consists of a pre-regulator using FETs and a Series regulator using power transistors, providing the high-quality output characteristic of the latter as well as ds1000b ivi low power-source harmonic distortion of choke input type phase control.

RIGOL Using instruments with a computer

To achieve the high reliability and safety, components of sufficient derating and long-proven mounting techniques are used throughout. All models are carefully designed and furnished with over voltage protection OVP and various ds1000b ivi functions. External analog monitoring can be done with respect to the output voltage, output current, and operation mode. With a single PWR Series power supply alone, you can cover an extensive output range equivalent to what is provided by three to six conventional single range DC power supplies. ds1000b ivi

RIGOL Technologies, Inc.

Demonstrated large installed base over a long period of time, the DCS family provides a highly reliable power platform. Ds1000b ivi Programmable DCS Power Supplies have an easy-to-use front panel with turn potentiometers ds1000b ivi adjust voltage and current settings that are displayed simultaneously. Four analogue control modes are standard as well as isolated analog control option.

Another set of technologies improve the browsing ds1000b ivi and personalize it. Please select and accept your settings before you continue. Ds1000b ivi you. Rigol Ultra Software Packages. Rack Mount Kit. Shenzhen Aoxingao Technology Co. Return Channel1. Function: The command sets the position of track cursor A. Function: The command sets the system language. Example: :RTC ,8,8,20,08,08 Set the system time as 08, 08, 08, 08, 08, 08pm.


Return8, 8, 20, 8, 8. Information about installing and operating the oscilloscope. Options for getting data from your oscilloscope into any one of several available analysis ds1000b ivi.


Oscilloscope specifications and a performance verification procedure. The related topics listed below describe the syntax of these commands and queries. The topics also describe the conventions that the oscilloscope uses to process them. See the Command s topic in the table of ds1000b ivi for a listing of the commands by command group, or use ds1000b ivi index to locate a specific command. Refer to the following table for the symbols that are used. Previous element s may be repeated Comment Command and Query Structure Commands consist of set commands and query commands usually called commands and queries.

Commands modify oscilloscope settings or tell the oscilloscope to perform a specific action. Queries cause the oscilloscope to return data and status information. Most commands have both a set form and a query form. The query form of the command differs from the set form by its question mark at the end.The Rigol DSB Oscilloscopes provide 4 channels with a medium-range bandwidth and sample rate. If 4 channels are required, ds1000b ivi series is a suitable. Getting started with UltraScope for the DSE, DSD, or DSB Series My Instrument IVI Driver does not appear in the LabVIEW tools palette.

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