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The bottom line is this: Claims of savings mean little when customers are asked to pay twice the price. Duralabel 4ttp an empty ribbon supply core onto the front ribbon rewind spindle, flushed against the ribbon guide. Slide a roll of ribbon supply onto the ribbon spindle flushed against the ribbon guide with the leading edge hanging down, towards the back of the printer. Please contact your account manager duralabel 4ttp make sure that you are getting the right supplies.

Often, this is the result of a battery problem. If possible, plug in the battery charger and duralabel 4ttp turning the system on again; if the system works while plugged in, the battery needs to be recharged.

This happens most often with below-freezing temperatures; allow the system to reach normal temperatures, and try again. If the battery has been allowed to charge, and the system is at a normal temperature, then the internal settings of the printer may need to be reset. If the printer still does not respond normally, please duralabel 4ttp our support team for help. Watch short how-to videos on printer operation, creating compliant arc flash, HazCom labels and signs, and so much more! We have more than just support videos.

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The ribbon should roll down the back of the back roller, forward underneath the print head but above the duralabel 4ttp sensor bar, and onto the front of the front roller. For 8.

Discount DuraLabel 4 TTP compatible supplies and inexpensive Brady supply alternatives

The ribbon should be smooth at both spindles and across the print head — not folded back against itself. It should be properly centered on the thick supply bar, with the left end cap covering the number that corresponds to the width of the supply. The label stock should roll forward, underneath the white roller, between the two movable guides at the back of the print head, through the green C-shaped sensor, and finally forward over the black rubber roller in front. Lower the print head until it latches in place, close the lid, and power on the printer. This option should be set to Thermal Duralabel 4ttp. If needed, correct this selection, and click OK to save changes and close this window.

If you have run out of label stock, load a new roll. Try printing your label again. This can happen by accident when supplies are changed, and is easy to resolve. Turn off the printer, open the lid, and push the duralabel 4ttp to raise the print head. Make sure the printing ribbon is passing above the black plastic ribbon sensor, and not blocking it from view. Close the printer up again, turn it back on, and try printing once more. If the problem returns, please contact our support team for help. The DuraLabel can handle single pages up to inches long, although large signs can take much longer to print. The printer is not ready to print, because the print head mechanism is still raised. Excel document that you will want to merge into the label i.Choose your printer to get access to manuals, how–to videos, and driver downloads.

Download quick start guides, printer manuals, software, printer drivers, and product catalogs. Watch short how-to videos on printer operation, creating compliant arc flash, HazCom labels and.


The gray DuraLabel 4TTP printer below does not have an RFID hardware lockout. Our Precision Label Products vinyl label tapes duralabel 4ttp thermal printer ribbons are.

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