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If you have a specific need dv9413cl xp video is not listed above, please feel free to email me at james doubleclickittofixit. Then a few days later, mysteriously it stopped happening.

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This lasted for about two weeks. Now I've crashed twice in the last two days, without touching the kernel.

So I have no idea what is causing this, but for me a kernal update did me no good. I'm thinking it may be with the type of wireless card you have. Anyone here have a Broadcom card that used to cause this problem, but stop after kernel update to Linux 2. Okay, forget what I've said. It just happened three times in a row. Good dv9413cl xp video is, I have a new idea: Hardware.

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If you could, please list out all of your hardware specs and we'll see if there is any correlation between us. I recommend you use Sysinfo for this. Also, please tell what you were doing at the time it happened. For example, when it dv9413cl xp video to me, I am using Firefox and either listening to music, or watching a movie.

The reason why I think it may be something other than problems with wireless is because we all have different types of wifi. It has to be something else plaguing us. BCM BCMM Dv9413cl xp video am actually thinking its the hard drive, but thats just me.

Did you check out the first 6 pages of this thread? Pretty sure it's not hardware. In fact I'm dv9413cl xp video much convinced it's the wireless driver. For my PC anyway. I just purchased a Lenovo S10 and installed Ubuntu 8.


The wireless card causes the system to lock. This happens almost seconds after it connects to my access point. The system must be hard reset to recover.

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If I disable the wireless, dv9413cl xp video problem goes away. The wifi card is a BCM If it were the wifi, then why is it affecting ALL types of wifi?

Why is it affecting different brands of wifi cards? Dv9413cl xp video it were a wifi problem, it would affect only one type of brand, and no others. Problem is, their all screwed. Intel, broadcom, etc. I realize that the problem only shows up when wireless is being used. Thus, I think that the problem is that there is a conflict between the wifi and some other hardware. At least check to see if you have any similar hardware specs as I do. If not, we rule out my idea and start from square one again.

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I am going to give you small tip on monitoring your computers systems monitoring. I hop this helps you note: VMware Virtualbox is free and open source.


I guarantee you that the problem is not my wireless driver. It dv9413cl xp video literally in the middle of copying files from the CD to my laptop. No wireless was running, and though I don't know the install process, I doubt the driver was even loaded.


I had used the Live CD to boot right to the install process, not even load Ubuntu first. My system: Version of Ubuntu : Intrepid Ibex 8.

And NixiePixel said that it only happens when the mouse was plugged in. Perhaps a USB conflict?


The SD card is a 1GB card. Dv9413cl xp video have both a laptop and desktop running XP updatedbut when the media reader is plugged dv9413cl xp video the USB with the SD card installed, the desktop locks up. I don't remember having this issue using a smaller sized SD card, say 16MB.and Update HP Pavilion dvcl Notebook PC Drivers for your Windows XP, Vista, Graphics, spexe, NVIDIA GeForce Series Video Driver, Windows.8, 7, Vista and XP 64 bit & 32 bit, fix HP Pavilion dvcl Notebook PC drivers Graphics, NVIDIA GeForce Series Video Driver, Windows Vista (bit).

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