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The software extension that controls the functioning of the trackball has kensington rollerball run flawlessly on every Mac OS I've ever installed it on. Skip to main content. Related Articles.


Uses far less desk space than a mouse. Cathode ray tube containing devices CRT devices.

Laptop computers with liquid crystal display LCD. Model: Hands-on Kensington rollerball. The MX Ergo has a tilt feature, two more buttons, newer software, Bluetooth, and a more modern design, features we think are worthwhile for most people considering a trackball.

The MX Ergo has a one-year limited warranty—shorter coverage than the three-year warranties of the M and Expert Mouse, and the five-year warranty of the Orbit with Scroll Ring—but most of the defects the warranty covers usually appear within the first year. If the MX Ergo is too expensive, or if you want the cheapest good introduction to the world of trackballs, get the Logitech Kensington rollerball Wireless Trackball. The M has a bigger hole on the bottom than the MX Ergo, which makes popping the trackball out for cleaning easier; for this task, almost any pen will work on the M, while the MX Ergo needs something the thickness of a chopstick. The M has five buttons: left- and right-click, forward and back buttons, and a clickable scroll wheel.

The touch-sensitive scrolling mechanism, however, is a bit of a disappointment. View 3 Offers. Add to compare.

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Southpaws will appreciate the ambidextrous design, but others may be put off by the left and right click buttons on the side of the plastic housing. If you want to use it left-handed, the button assignment can be reversed using the Mouse Settings control of whatever desktop you are using. The KDE control is shown here. The details of this CLI command are rather kensington rollerball, but here is just one small example It would kensington rollerball logical to have those top two buttons act as "forward" and "back", wouldn't it?

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To do this with xmodmap the command would be:. Here's what I did:. Jan 29, AM.

Jan 29, PM in response to kensington rollerball In response to proteancharm. Jan 29, PM. Reinstalling the Kensington software did not make a difference. My solution has just been to unplug kensington rollerball Kensington Slimblade and plug it back in after startup.

Kensington Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball Macworld

It always does the trick. The wireless Expert Trackball is even better because it gets rid of one more piece of wire clutter—but performance doesn't suffer for it. Was R 1 R 1 Now: R 1 I have already started using it in preference to the Logitech M trackball I have had on my desk for the past few years. Don't read this unless you are interested in a very geeky explanation of the xmodmap command mentioned kensington rollerball. The numbers given in the xmodmap command specify the mouse button functions, as follows:. The position of the items in the command specify the button to assign a function to. So the first parameter after the equal sign assigns to button 1, the second to button 2 and so on.

Hands-On: Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball ZDNet

Trackball doesn't work but scroll does. Low stock or large orders can sometimes cause delays in shipping. Messages: 1 Joined: Mar 28, I created an account to just answer this question because it too had caused me problems since getting my Slimblade and trying to get TrackballWorks to run without randomly clicking and crap. So I finally figured this out. Trackballs in general are not kensington rollerball accurate, but the Expert is precise enough that many people have reported being able to do pixel-perfect work with the thing.


This is, of course, very much YMMV. The big ball does make a huge difference. Buying Guide.Enjoy the comfort and productively of trackballs, available from Kensington. Our trackball products ensure a pain-free computing kensington rollerball. Home / Products / Kensington rollerball / Trackballs / Expert Mouse® Wired Trackball.


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