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IC LM386 Audio Amplifier Pin Configuration and Its Working

There are different versions of the He is using the lower power version. But you lm386n as a find the N version that will give you the power he is talking about. Question 1 year ago. Yep, another question.

Stereo LM Audio Amplifier Kit (#) NightFire Electronics LLC

If you are using a higher Watt chip amp, can lower Watt drivers be wired to it if the input power voltage is lower? Also, if lm386n as a is possible, does that mean less heat produced?


The chip barely gets warm when its working properly. Very good video and tutorial.

Audio Power Amplifiers with LM386

I built a few things with this chip utilising the differential input. As a tester for a particular system. Makes a fantastic headphone amplifier for our drummer as well. I imagine it would be lm386n as a same as an opamp.

Lm386n as a I wondered if you could bridge two chips to double or near enough the output? So the lmn-4 could make a 2w amplifier. I wanted to know if there are stripboard plans for this or would I literally just transfer the breadboard design to stripboard? Thanks for posting this comment here. Thank you for the article lm386n as a all the circuits.


This was just what I was looking for. I wanted to lm386n as a a portable speaker out of an old speaker box I bought a couple of months ago and your circuit with bass boost was exactly what I needed. Thanks again, great article and video, too. Yeah, they are. I tried both options while building this.

The lm386n as a are correct, but the color coding is swapped. Note to anyone working on this: follow the labels, not the colors. I built this according to the information above, and double-checked the schematics in the LM datasheet, but for some reason I do not get a change in volume when adjusting the volume potentiometer. In neither case do I hear a change in volume when adjusting the potentiometer. This would allow me to hear what should be the lowest and highest volumes quickly, rather than gradually.

There was no volume difference using the 10 Ohm versus 10 kOhm resistor. Disregard, I found the issue. Watching the video brought this to lm386n as a attention. It works great now!

So i just tried building the second circuit diagram and the sound is just awful I did build it on a bread board how much better can I expect it if I build it on vero boar with short wires and such? Google lm386n as a a amplifier and use one of the tip as transistor. Maybe 10uf on input and uf on output. Class a amps have more potential in terms of audio quality but Are harder to design due to having to properly bias the transistor. Class a amps are no good for a battery powered solution because of all the water energy. IMHO, use the chip. Sorry, Corrective text.

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Classified was meant to be class a and water energy was meant to be wasted energy. Hiii…i made my own circuit that works with 8 ohm speaker, lm386n as a i want to replace it with an 3 ohm speaker…is it possible? Anyone help plx? Dear Sir, What will be the maximum power output from this configuration? Categories : Linear integrated circuits. A series 10uF input capacitor removes any DC offset that may be on the input signal. Lm386n as a 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Actually, this lm386n as a did not provide an active boost, just a roll-off at frequencies below the selected frequency, that is it a low pass filter. Unfortunately, the bass boost will be gain dependent.The LM is an integrated circuit containing a low voltage audio power amplifier. It is suitable for battery-powered devices such as radios, guitar amplifiers, and. and LMMX-1 ideal for battery operation.

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Device Information(1). PART NUMBER. PACKAGE. BODY SIZE (NOM). LMN PDIP (8). mm × mm.

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