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I don't have plans to add other server features, such as mechanisms to authenticate mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j or map user names to roles. But I've provided the hook where this functionality can be added, and I encourage you in the mondrian community to contribute that functionality. You signed in with another tab mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j window. Reload to refresh your session. Compliant olap4j drivers register themselves in the same way. Extension to DataSource that returns OlapConnection objects rather than mere java.


Connection objects. OlapException extends java. OlapException provides some additional information to help an Mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j client identify the location of the error. The context is the Cell or Position object where the error occurred. The region is an object representing the textual region in the MDX statement. Where possible, olap4j uses JDBC's session management facility.


For example, the following code registers a driver, connects to Mondrian and executes a statement:. Note that except for the driver class and connect string, the code is identical. In the above examples, a statement was created from a string. As we shall see, a statement can also be created from an MDX parse tree. Look again at the code samples in the previous section. One would expect that it would be safe to downcast the result of a factory method to the desired result. For example, if you invoke an OlapConnection 's mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j method, the result should be an OlapStatement. Every connection-pooling library tracks connections by wrapping them in another class, and this class will implement java. Connection but not OlapConnection. To access methods of the OlapConnectionthe client mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j must first strip away the wrapper object.

MondrianOlap4jLevel (Mondrian OLAP Server, version )

If you are using a connection-pooling library, olap4j provides the OlapWrapper interface with the method method unwrap Class to access the object underneath the wrapped connection. For instance, if you were using DBCP, you could define and use a pooling olap4j data mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j as follows:.

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If connection pooling is not being used, then the object returned by the driver will be an OlapConnection and will therefore trivially implement OlapWrapper mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j the OlapConnection interface extends OlapWrapper. Schema result sets are specified as in [ XML for Analysis specification ]. The rows returned in the result set returned from the metadata methods are structured according to the result set column layouts mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j in this section.

Creating an olap4j connection

All columns noted in the following result sets are required, and they must be returned in the order shown. However, additional columns which should be ignored by clients not expecting them can be added at the end, and some columns can contain null data for info that does not apply. The following sections describe the columns in mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j rowset.

Each section includes a table that provides the following information for each column. Note that we use the name 'database' mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j than 'data source' because 'data source' has a well-established and entirely different meaning see interface javax. A string containing any additional information required to connect to the data source. This can include the Initial Catalog property or other information for the provider. Comma-separated list of the types of data supported by the provider.

Mondian и OLAP4j: создание OlapConnection

May include one or more of the following types. Example follows this table.

Returns information about the standard and provider-specific properties supported by an olap4j provider. Properties that are not supported by a provider mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j not listed in the return result set.


For example, if table names can contain anything other than a numeric character, this string would be "". Retrieves a result set describing the functions available to client applications connected mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j the database. Returns true if the Write Back to dimension column that represents this hierarchy is enabled. This applies to ragged hierarchies where tree operators could return members from different levels for example, if the prior level contains holes and parent on members is requested.

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Retrieves a result set describing any sets that mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j currently defined in a database, including session-scoped sets. NOTE : As of olap4j 1.

mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j A transform is an operation which maps a query model to a new query model. Hot Network Questions. This release is a minor update to the olap4j specification.import tion; import Manager; import 4j.

OlapConnection; Mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j connection = nection. Default Mondrian Olap 4j problem. package. 4j. import. 4j.*. import. *. import.

. import.

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