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If the record is not locked, a lock is acquired, but is released if the record does not match the WHERE condition. Some code that was designed with the assumption that semi-consistent read would be only attempted on table scans, failed. During mysql odbc 3.15 of MySQL server using the MSI package on Windows, the default-character-set option would be included in the default configuration template file.

This would cause the MySQL server to fail to start properly. Mysql odbc 3.15 was a race condition between flags used for signaling that a query was killed, which led to error-reporting and lock-acquisition problems.

MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual

Operations on geometry data types failed on some systems for mysql odbc 3.15 compiled with Sun Studio. The optimizer could attempt to evaluate the WHERE clause before any rows had been read, resulting in a server crash. An assertion was raised as a result of a NULL string being passed to the dtoa code.

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For debug builds, creating a view containing a subquery mysql odbc 3.15 might require collation adjustment caused an assertion to be raised. For example, this could occur if some items had different collations but the result collation could be adjusted to the one of them.


Aggregate functions could incorrectly return NULL in outer join queries. For outer joins, the optimizer could fail to properly calculate table dependencies.

Stored routine DDL statements were written to the binary log using statement-based format regardless of the current logging format. A problem with equality propagation optimization for prepared statements and stored procedures caused a server crash mysql odbc 3.15 re-execution of the prepared statement or stored procedure. The server crashed when the optimizer attempted to determine constant tables but a table storage engine did not support exact record count. A HAVING clause on a joined table in some cases failed to eliminate mysql odbc 3.15 which should have been excluded from the result set. InnoDB fast index creation could incorrectly use a table copy in some cases.

The Loose Index Scan optimization method assumed that it could depend on the partitioning engine to maintain interval endpoint information, as if it were a storage engine.

Apéndice C. Historial de cambios de MySQL

The type inference used for view columns caused some columns in views to be handled as the wrong type, as compared to the same columns in base tables. A syntactically invalid trigger could cause the server to crash mysql odbc 3.15 trying to list triggers. Previously, the server held a global mutex while performing file operations such as deleting an. Now the mutex is not held for these operations.

Apéndice C. Historial de cambios de MySQL

Instead, the server uses metadata locks. BugBugBug Setting --secure-file-priv to the empty string left the value unaffected. Calculation of intervals for Event Scheduler events mysql odbc 3.15 not portable. The YEAR values and could be treated as equal.


On Intel x86 machines, the optimizer could choose different execution plans for a query depending on the compiler version and optimization flags used to build the server binary. The MERGE engine failed to open a child table from a different database if the child table or database name contained characters that were the subject of table name to filename mysql odbc 3.15. On Windows, the server failed to find a description for Event ID AS column. The derived query could potentially produce zero rows or a single NULL that is, no rows matched, or the query used an aggregate function such as SUM running over zero rows.

Killing a query during the optimization phase of a subquery could cause a server crash. MyISAM could write uninitialized data to new index pages.

MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51

Now zeros are written to unused bytes in the pages. The subclass is now mysql odbc 3.15 through the following changes:.Connector/ODBC is a standardized database driver for Windows, Linux, Mac OS MySQL Connector/ODBC is recommended for use with MySQL Server MySQL Connector/ODBC (Archived Versions).

Please note that these are old versions. New releases will have recent bug fixes and features! To download the .

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