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Type: connect Enter user-name: system Enter password: The password is the one you entered during installation. Let's create a new database user account to manipulate tables and data in the database. To create a new user, you must be logged in under a database administrator account, in our case, the default system account created during database installation. This command creates a new user jim with oracle 10g xe jdbc password mypassword.

The default tablespace is users and the allocated space is unlimited. In real life, a database administrator creates custom roles and fine tunes privileges for each role.

In this method, we specify all connection properties in a single URL string, for example:. Thank You! Using database URL and Properties object. Operating System. At the end of the generated package declaration, on a new line, enter the import statements shown in Example Connection information is passed to oracle 10g xe jdbc connection method by using the following connection variables: the connection URL, a user name, and the corresponding password. After the DataHandler constructor, on a new line, declare the three connection variables as follows:. These variables will be used in the application to contain values supplied by the user at login to authenticate the user and to create a connection to the database.

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The jdbcUrl variable is used to hold the URL of the database from which a connection is to be obtained. The userid and password variables are used to authenticate the user and identify the schema to be used for the session. If you are not connecting to the default listener port on the database server, include the port number. Note: The login variables have been set to null to secure the application. At this point in the guide, application login functionality is yet to oracle 10g xe jdbc built into the application. Therefore, to test the application until login functionality is built in, you can set values in the login variables as follows: Set the jdbcUrl variable to the connect string for your database. Example Adding a Method to Connect to the Database package hr; import java. Connection; import java. SQLException; import oracle.

Java: Connecting to Oracle Database using Thin Driver

Note that you cannot insert oracle 10g xe jdbc records directly in the results of this query, as you could do in the representation of a single table. For this, the database user should be granted the privilege to Create View that our sample user does not have. You can log in under the system account, grant jim the Create View privilege with this SQL statement: "grant create view to jim;" and try creating your own view. When you right-click a table node in the Services window and choose View Data, the IDE displays a visual representation of the table and its data as shown in the figure above. You can also add, modify, and delete table data directly in this view. Viewed 7k times.

In particular, for a database schema, you can also view database objects, tables, views, and their contents. Database connections are shown under the Database node. To view the objects in the database, expand the connection. Expanding a schema displays nodes for the object types in that schema. Expanding the node for an object type displays its individual objects. When you expand a table node, you can view the structure of the table and the data within the table.As per the answer provided here, check the following (answer oracle 10g xe jdbc the one from the related, maybe duplicate, question).


"Check if file under the. Database Express Edition 2 Day + Java Developer's Guide . For Oracle, this applies only to the JDBC Oracle Call Interface (OCI) drivers and defaults to tcp.

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