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Knoppix pcmcia you need to change many programs, it is simpler and faster to just reboot and use the correct cheat code. Compared to other live-CD distributions, Knoppix runs surprisingly quickly, considering that it downloads data from a compressed image on the disk. The toram cheat code instructs Knoppix, before it does anything else, to create knoppix pcmcia large ramdisk and copy the complete CD there.

A ramdisk is a virtual hard disk that your operating system creates by setting aside a certain amount of your RAM. When you boot with this cheat code, Knoppix warns you that it might take some time to copy the full image and provides a progress bar while the image knoppix pcmcia copying. Similar to the toram cheat code, this cheat code copies the complete CD image to a partition on your hard drive. This cheat code expects you to pick the partition using Linux device names, so if you want to use the first partition on your Primary IDE hard drive, type:. If you are unsure which device name to use, simply boot Knoppix from the CD and make note of the names on the hard-drive icons on your desktop.

Pleasantly Surprised with Knoppix Linux – OSnews

You can use any knoppix pcmcia of these devices that has enough available space. As with the toram cheat code, tohd requires you to have over MB free on your partition for the CD, and over 4.

Knoppix copies its disk image into a knoppix pcmcia called knoppix at the root of the partition that you specify. One advantage to using the tohd cheat code is that the knoppix directory it copies is not deleted when you reboot.


In subsequent boots, you knoppix pcmcia reference the already copied image by using the fromhd cheat code. You can even just type fromhd without any arguments, and Knoppix scans the hard-drive partitions for knoppix pcmcia. Another feature in Knoppix is the bootfrom cheat code. While similar to the fromhd cheat code, bootfrom uses an actual Knoppix ISO that you must already have on your hard drive. One stipulation for this cheat code is that the ISO you choose must have the same kernel version as the disk you are using to boot. This file lists all of the major changes in each Knoppix release and usually lists the kernel versions for each release. Otherwise, to quickly check the kernel version from within Knoppix itself, run the following command in a terminal:.

The bootfrom cheat code expects the same Linux paths as tohd and fromhdso if you have Knoppix. The bootfrom cheat code is particularly useful if you are customizing Knoppix [ Create a Customized Knoppix ], as you can have multiple ISOs in a single directory and choose between any of them at boot time.


If you are modifying your own Knoppix-based distribution and are having a difficult time squeezing it all within MB, test your images directly from the ISO without having to worry about the CD size requirements. After you boot off of the stored image, the Knoppix disk no longer needs to be mounted, so you can eject it and use the drive for other tasks. Knoppix pcmcia can also use these cheat codes as an intermediate step before fully installing Knoppix to your hard drive. Finely tune X Windows to get the most out of your video hardware, and work around hardware detection mistakes.

Knoppix detects video card and monitor settings pretty well. Even with its excellent hardware detection, sometimes Knoppix is unable to detect everything it needs to set up X the way you would like. knoppix pcmcia

Knoppix knoppix pcmcia to automatically detect the highest resolution at the highest color depth your computer supports, and starts X at knoppix pcmcia resolution and depth. For some computers, these maximum settings might be hard on the eyes: Screen flicker may occur when refresh rates are too low, or tiny icons may occur when a resolution is too high. In these circumstances, you can usually fix the problem by using a few cheat codes to change your X server settings. The screen cheat code lets you specify exactly at which resolution to run X.

For instance, if your inch monitor can support bybut by is more comfortable on your eyes, type the following at the boot: prompt:. Set depth to 24, 16, 15, or 8 colors. Knoppix pcmcia to LinuxQuestions. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

Knoppix Hacks, 2nd Edition by Kyle Rankin

By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Even Knoppix can't, without help. Giving it a large factor of 4 swap partition makes it possible for the system to install knoppix pcmcia function.

Pleasantly Surprised with Knoppix Linux

But this has consequences that make doing it a judgement call: slow may be better than dead in the water, but knoppix pcmcia useful is it? For example, OpenOffice is barely marginally useful.


I used it to start this article because it gave me an HTML framework. Unlikely knoppix pcmcia I could have used it beyond that because of the "swapping" -- from hard drive to memory, which isn't there -- and thus to swap, which is on the hard drive And I wasn't particularly happy with the file knoppix pcmcia options.Hardware newer than Knoppix; Winmodems; Identified does not mean However, Knoppix version may only be able to identify PCI and PCMCIA.

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Knoppix cannot find my D-Link PCMCIA modem. Strange, this is a combo pc card. The ethernet module on the same knoppix pcmcia is correctly identified. Any.

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