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For much more videos and images of the coil in action, please scroll down to Results!

Before I begin, it is good to have a basic understanding of how a Tesla Coil works. For that matter, Wikipedia provides a good narrative and overview.

Tesla coil

Also, caveat - solid state tesla coil any of you more experienced coilers out there finds some mistake in my write up, feel free to notify me for me to fix it! A Solid state tesla coil Coil is an air-cored resonant transformer capable of generating extremely high voltages. Its construction is relatively straightforward, but the theory is a bit more involved. The key concept of a Tesla Coil is its resonant property, where a Resistor-Inductor-Capacitor RLC resonant circuit is energized at its resonant frequency, developing very high voltages. A Tesla Coil consists of two concentric coils which are not electrically connected to each other. The Primary Coil usually consists of a few turns of heavy wire, and has a shape ranging from a solenoid to a flat spiral.

This coil is usually connected to some capacitor, forming the Primary LC circuit if you are unfamiliar with RLC circuits, feel free to browse Wikipedia for a quick introduction. The secondary circuit consists of a long coil of wire, usually having several hundreds to thousands of turns wound on a pipe, and placed concentrically in the middle of the coil. Game plan: For a normal SSTCwe will focus on creating some sort of circuit to solid state tesla coil the secondary coil at its resonant frequency. In a conventional SSTC, the primary circuit is not resonant.

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aspire one 532h-2drBuild a solid-state version of Tesla's famous coil. It is easier to build and safer to operate.
hp laserjet 9050dn printerStep 2: Secondary Coil (Part 1 of 4)
canon lbp 7110cwStep 2: Spark Gap and Solid State Tesla Coils (SGTC & SSTC)

As mentioned, the secondary circuit is a coil of wire, one end of which is grounded, and the other end is connected to some kind of topload metallic volume at the top of the tube. This topload is usually in the shape of a toroid looks like solid state tesla coil doughnut. The toroid provides some sort of capacitance to the secondary, its shape serves well in electric field control, and also looks cool! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Making a great LED triangle. Large Motors Class. WernerP10 8 months ago.

Reply Upvote. I think you could use a class D audio amplifier to play multiple frequencies at the same time?!? JeffreyD76 Question 1 year ago. Answer Upvote. Thanks in advance. SourabhM3 2 years ago.

Solid State Tesla Coils

Every time I tried to touch solid state tesla coil while the coil was running, it would burn me. Just sitting close to the coil, my body would peak up enough energy to zap any metal I touched, same as touching the screw driver in the video.

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Solid-State Tesla Coil

Simon and Schuster. Joseph Henry Press. Lightning: Fire from the Sky. Dockside Consultants Inc.

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Cambridge University Press. Experimental Radio 4th ed.A solid state Tesla coil is one of the kinds of Tesla coils available. It has several advantages over the more common spark gap tesla coil.

They are less louder. This instructable is meant to give detailed instructions on building a solid state tesla coil based off of steve ward's mini sstc schematic.

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