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Nike SasQuatch Tour Driver Review

Aug nike sq sasquatch, I liked the previous SQ when I first saw it but it seemed kind of bland. The updated look and the deeper body really perfected the previous SQ.

Nike sq sasquatch wanted to get one of these ever since I laid eyes on it but I wanted to give my Ping G5 a little more time to win my heart back. Nike sq sasquatch really don't know what to say but WOW, I really feel like it was money well spent. Words cant explain how perfect this club is, it goes yards further than my G5 with the same shaft.


It's also more accurate and easier to shape shots with the SUMO. It's just a better club overall. I tried nike sq sasquatch other new drivers but this was the perfect one for me soundwise, launchwise and otherwise!

Nike SasQuatch Sumo Driver

Go for it! Demo it and enjoy more fairways and more yardage I have the original SQ 9. I couldn't agree more.


I took the plunge last night and got rid of my R5 TP with an 79g V2 x flex. This Sumo with the Proto shaft is a missle launcher. I love the ball flight more and it is about yards further carry that my old TM. What a nike sq sasquatch driver. Aug 3, edited Aug 3, I ended up at 4 over on the back 9 last night, which is a little better than average for me I'm around a 16 handicapper.

A large part of that number was the great positioning I had after my drives. I'de definetly recommend hitting this club. I didn't even want to hit it when i was getting fitted and I nike sq sasquatch up leaving with it. Post edited by Unknown User on Jun 15, Jun 15, edited Jun 19, Post edited by Unknown User on Jun 19, Jun 17, Just got the Nike Sasquatch Sumo and played with it for the first time yesterday.

Hit every fairway and most all over up to uphill, an increase of 30 to 45 yards from my old Big Bertha Even on a mishit, it went straight although only about I am going to trade the Big Bertha for the 3 wood sasquatch tomorrow. Jul 16, Have been playing the Sumo non square, 8. It is so different to the R that it took me a few full rounds to really work out how to use it properly. As nike sq sasquatch as I can see it is very low spin and low launching, even for an 8. Last week I played in strong winds and it performed very well.

Basically, it's a no hassle, grip and rip, down the middle machine. The PowerBow on the Tour nike sq sasquatch left is much smaller than on the non-Tour right.

Nike SasQuatch Sumo Driver

Thank goodness! The satin grey PowerBow finish wraps around to the toe and just under the club, but the sole nike sq sasquatch the SasQuatch is bright and shiny: a bright yellow paint towards the back of the club provides the recognition factor companies seek, and the shiny polished titanium serves as a temporary mirror. The sole configuration between the Tour and non-Tour versions vary slightly, with the non-Tour version clearly pushing a little more weight towards the heel than the Tour version, but that change is most obvious from above — the PowerBow bulges in the non-Tour version on the heel side of center.

The Tour version features a deeper face with a shallower depth that allows for increased workability. Instead, it started just left of center and cut slightly just into the right nike sq sasquatch. It was almost as if the club was too forgiving. High, low, toe- or heel-ward, the SasQuatch does what it can to keep the ball in the fairway.: Nike Sasquatch Sumo Driver (Men's Right-Handed, Regular): Golf Drivers: Sports & Outdoors. The Nike SasQuatch Sumo2, perhaps the greatest driver ever it was no run-of-the-mill big stick — it was first square-headed driver in.

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